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Lagos Nigerian Bar-B-Q Feels the Love

Photo: Courtesy Tunde Wey

There's nothing like bar-b-q for summer, especially with a Nigerian twist, and owner/founder Tunde Wey seems to have timed his first Lagos Restaurant pop up perfectly, if the sold out second seating and blog buzz is any indication. The first dinner takes place this Saturday, May 17th, and Core Detroit has a run-down of what to expect, in regards to both food and music. Is it any good? Joe Hakim from The Hungry Dudes says absolutely yes:

"Last night I had the pleasure of being included in trial run of Lagos Restaurant. It was a unique experience filled with food that I'd never tasted prior. The food is spicy, but definitely not one note. Even the rice pilaf, which is sometimes an afterthought, was incredible. There are still tickets available for the early seating."

Tickets should be purchased through the Lagos website, although a very limited number of walk-ins will be accepted.
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