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Wine Warriors TV Show to Feature Northern MI Vineyards

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Wine Warriors.
Wine Warriors.
Photo: Facebook

With talk of a vineyard on Belle Isle and a healthy (and growing) local beer and cider brewing and liquor distilling industry, there's clearly a lot of interest in Michigan's alcoholic beverages. A new television show, Wine Warriors, is currently in production and hoping to capitalize on a new passion for local booze and Americans love of reality TV.

A preview of the show is online, featuring Larry Mawby of L. Mawby Vineyard (a legend both locally and beyond for his contributions to wine making), and the families and employees of Chateau Chantal, Good Harbor Vineyards, and Chateau de Leelanau.

The show is in production, and who knows if it will be a hit, but they're already selling t-shirts. A Wine Warriors party is taking place in Traverse City in June, so they could be aiming for a summer release of the show.
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