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The Zenith Restaurant Opens in New Center

The Fisher Building.
The Fisher Building.
Photo: Yelp

The Fisher Building has a restaurant now that The Zenith has quietly opened their doors. Owners Robert and Melissa Jasper closed their two east coast restaurants and moved to Detroit to set up shop after seeing artist friends doing the same according to an exclusive article in DBusiness Magazine.

The concept is a little strange, but intriguing all the same, focusing on fusion:

"The cuisine, a fusion of southern and Mexican cuisine, includes everything from grilled cornbread to fried catfish to four-pepper gravy to honey-chipotle sweet potatoes."

The decor is also unusual, featuring vintage 40's and 50's art.

"[It includes] a print of the Lone Ranger riding his horse, Silver, along with various post-war beer displays, colorful jungle animals, mannequins, decorative lamps, and dozens of other pieces. In addition, the first level space includes a private room for 12 that is adorned with paint-by-number paintings."

They're currently without a liquor license, but they're thinking they'll have it by May 1st. The Zenith is located at Second Avenue and West Grand Boulevard. They are open for lunch and dinner Monday through Friday, and plan to add weekend dinners and brunches soon.
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The Zenith (Fisher Building)

3011 W Grand Blvd , Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 972-1135