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Ale Mary's Slowly Works Towards Opening

Ale Mary's Beer Hall.
Ale Mary's Beer Hall.
Photo: Facebook

What was once the overflow portion of Tom's Oyster Bar in Royal Oak has been steadily transitioning into Ale Mary's Beer Hall, and while they still have a ways to go, they are making progress on every front.

They recently posted pictures to Facebook of their Founding Member event, in an interior that is still mostly plywood. They've been updating the page with every small step forward, including their tile flooring and what appears to be an approved plumbing inspection. Eager future drinkers keep asking when they'll officially open the doors, but they're being careful to not commit to a certain date too soon.

The world of permits and construction is a fickle one, and it seems that the folks at Ale Mary's have their response down pat, replying with variations of "Tough to say, working as fast as possible" to every posted question. Warmer weather has made patrons eager for more options, but it will likely be summer before they open their doors officially. Fingers crossed all will go well and they'll at least be serving beer before the leaves change color.
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