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Guns + Butter on Upcoming Munchies Episode

Photo Eater Detroit

If cooking for Detroit Restaurant Week at at Shinola wasn't enough, that same night Chef Craig Lieckfelt of Guns + Butter was filming an episode of Munchies for Vice.

The opportunity came about through a friend in the film industry, Detroit native Mark MacInnis (known for his film Detroit Urban Roots about farming in the city). He took some footage of Lieckfelt and it caught the attention of Vice, despite that fact that he doesn't yet have a brick and mortar restaurant.

Lieckfelt says he never wanted to be a reality TV star by any means, but Munchies appealed to him as a concept, and he liked the feel of the show. Each episode follows a chef as he or she does dinner service, and then goes out drinking with friends and others in the industry, ending with the chef's preparation of a late night snack.

After filming dinner, Lieckfelt took friends and the camera guy to Two James Spirits for Absinthe, then Lafayette for coneys. They stopped by D'Mongo's Speakeasy to talk with owner and local legend Larry Mongo, and then finished with late night eats. Lieckfelt said he doesn't usually cook his own late night snack, and he wanted to keep that authentic for the show. His go to? Supino Pizzeria. He called up the owner, Dave Mancini, contacted Joe Robinson from Bailout Productions for the drinks, and even Andy Hollyday from the soon-to-open Selden Standard came out for the evening.

Lieckfelt says he told Vice he wanted to stay away from the negative stereotypes, focusing instead of the real people who make the city work. For Lieckfelt, Detroit's classics (D'Mongo's and Lafayette) and new businesses (Supino, Two James, Selden Standard, Bailout Productions, and his own business) are all worth celebrating. As he put it, "people aren't just sitting around crying in front of the ruins". The episode will air at a later date, and hopefully the Detroit Lieckfelt wanted to portray comes across.
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