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Good Girls Go To Paris Faces Potential Eviction

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Good Girls Go To Paris Crêpes is in jeopardy as owner Torya Blanchard faces potential eviction according to The Detroit Free Press. The problem seems to be twofold, as she claims trouble paying the $4,400/month rent, and the building claims she moved from the old location to the new location without permission:

"Park Shelton officials are seeking to terminate her lease, claiming in court documents that Blanchard never received permission this winter to move her eatery out of a smaller storefront in the same building. The Good Girls space was until January occupied by Blanchard's former restaurant, Rodin, named for the famous French sculptor."

This is just the latest in a series of dramatic events involving Blanchard and her businesses. Way back in November, Rodin chef Kate Williams left the business, followed shortly by an announcement from Blanchard that she would be changing Rodin's concept to include a burger, beer, and better service.

It seemed that Rodin was moving forward, but just after the one-year anniversary came the news that in fact Rodin was closing their doors permanently and that Good Girls would be moving into the space from their location a few doors down.

This move, carried out in a weekend, could lead to Blanchard's eviction and the ultimate closure of what is her last restaurant (her Grosse Pointe Good Girls is closed and another restaurant concept in Hamtramck never opened). However, Blanchard seems unfazed, and potentially ready for a change all the same, telling the Free Press:

"I love my customers and love talking to all the people who come in ... but the joy of the restaurant is not what it once was for me."

She had rent trouble with the Park Shelton at her old location, which helps to explain why the supposedly unauthorized move has struck such a cord:

"In January, the Park Shelton sought to terminate Good Girls' lease from its earlier location for nonpayment of $7,150 in rent, according to documents filed in Detroit's 36th District Court. Blanchard says she eventually paid that sum and struck a deal for reduced rent at the creperie's current location."

So what's next for Blanchard and Good Girls? Only time will tell, but she is apparently working on an idea to sell Good Girls crepe mix in grocery stores. As for the restaurant, they were open today, and seemed busier than usual, suggesting that maybe any press really is good press. The hearing is on April 9th.
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