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New Rose's Fine Food to Provide Belle Isle Picnic Baskets

Kolonja Fine Food (now Rose's Fine Food).
Kolonja Fine Food (now Rose's Fine Food).
Photo: Yelp

Rose's Fine Food will be opening this May on Jefferson, and they're bringing some interesting concepts to the restaurant. Model D reports that two cousins, Lucy Carnaghi and Molly Mitchell, are renovating the diner (formerly Kolonja Fine Food) and hoping for a spring opening.

They're going to be operating on a "tipless" system, as waiters and kitchen staff will all be making a livable $10.10 an hour. They will also be renting picnic baskets with food, a blanket, and real dishes and silverware since they're so close to Belle Isle.

Think "made-from-scratch, locally sourced food with new American, rustic Mexican, southern French, and American South influences. They'll also be baking their own bread, making their own French pastries, and starting their own garden in back of the restaurant."

That last bit about the bread is particularly exciting, as before moving to Detroit Mitchell was a baker at the award-winning San Francisco bakery Tartine. Good thing the state cops are supposed to allow quiet wine picnics this summer after all.

They're working hard to fund the project through Kickstarter, and need some help to reach their goal if those picnics are going to be a reality.
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