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Good Girls Moving Downtown?

Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes.
Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes.
Photo: Facebook

An announcement on the Good Girls Go To Paris Facebook page insists that the restaurant will move to a new location Downtown this summer after eviction from the Park Shelton.

The message appears to come from owner Torya Blanchard (Schoeniger) who says that she is opening in a new location and is thankful for the outpouring of support from the community. Despite the months of drama, Blanchard says in her message that in any other city this "would not be news", but that Detroit's small-town mindset is what accounts for the interest in her story.

"Hello everyone! These past few weeks have been proof positive that Detroit and the Metro area is the biggest small town ever that our little crepe shop would be in the news! In any other major city this would not be news. As a business owner, I am humbled. What's happening next? When asked on the spot a few weeks ago, truth be told, I didn't know what I wanted to do and was a little caught off guard. I know that we will be at our current location until the end of June and then...we move downtown! We will keep you posted on the location on the FB page in the next few weeks. You guys have been out to the shop in droves and have shown your support in ways that have touched our hearts. Thank you Detroit.

We are open regular hours closed Mondays, Tuesday-Thursday 10 AM-8PM, Friday and Saturday 10AM-midnight and Sundays 9AM-5PM. Come brunch with us today! Open Easter Sunday! 9AM-3PM"

The restaurant is being evicted from the Park Shelton building after disputes over back-rent and claims that Blanchard moved from the old location two doors down to the current location, formerly her restaurant Rodin, without permission from the landlord.
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Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes

15 E Kirby St, Detroit, MI 48202 313-664-0490