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Behold The Zenith's Wild and Wonderful Interior

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The Fisher Building's brand new tenant, The Zenith, opened quietly, but within days several tipsters reached out to ask if Eater Detroit had checked it out yet. The interior houses Robert and Melissa Jasper's collection of 1940's and 50's art and kitsch. The restaurant has an energizing atmosphere that is at once nostalgic and contemporary. While the walls are brightly colored and odd objects, including mannequins and paint by number artwork, are everywhere, it works. The restaurant is still waiting on a liquor license, but their Mexican Southern fusion cuisine is already on offer, making this a perfect lunch location. They're currently open for lunch and dinner Monday-Friday.

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The Zenith (Fisher Building)

3011 W Grand Blvd , Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 972-1135