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Mini-Castle for Sale in Woodbridge; Dog Parks in Midtown; More!

MIDTOWN— A dog park is planned for the corner of Canfield and Cass, but it's just a stepping stone to a permanent dog paradise planned down the road. The doggy details on Curbed.

WOODBRDIGE— A miniature castle just hit the market, and the asking price is less than you might think. Built in 1890, check out the castle's elevated "sleeping porch."

MIDTOWN— The Davenport apartment building is kicking the renovation process into high gear. Updated photos of century-old building's rehab are this way.

POLETOWN— The old St. Stanislaus church turned heads when it hit the market for $79K. Guess what it just sold for? Hint: It's even less than that. The answer and interior shots are on Curbed.