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Batch Brewing Hopes New Location Won't Break the Bank

Photo Eater Detroit

It seems that the reason behind Batch Brewing Company's decision to move from Michigan Avenue to Porter St. may have been financially motivated. Model D interviewed owner Stephen Roginson, who said that the cost of renovating the Michigan Avenue location became too steep, even with funding from multiple grants:

"As last year wore on, Roginson saw that the costs of renovating the structure and building out the space were quickly outgrowing his budget. 'In order to open our doors, we had to find a different location,' Roginson says."

The building on Porter, while currently and eyesore, needs mostly just some cosmetic work according to Roginson, who is striving to create a place the entire community will rally around. He's doing that by adding windows, opening the building up to the neighboring houses, and just trying to be a good neighbor.

As for when the business plans to officially open, it could be awhile. The building needs significant work, even if it is cosmetic as visible in the "before" pictures Curbed just posted. Work aside, setting a hard opening date is impossible in Detroit anyways:

"Roginson and his small crew continue to push forward. He is hopeful that he can open the business this year but acknowledges it could be as far away as early next year. 'If we can open before baseball season is over I will be very happy,' Roginson says."

Fans of the nano-brewery need to be patient for now, but he often asks for help on the company's Facebook Page so those eager to see him open can always offer to help speed things along with some manual labor.
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