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Downtown Louie's Lounge is Open, and Everyone Loves it

Downtown Louie's Lounge.
Downtown Louie's Lounge.
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It's a weirdly shaped building in a great block, but Downtown Louie's Lounge is already celebrating a great soft opening. Both Hell Yeah Detroit and Core Detroit are raving about the food, the service, and especially the interior. The bar, owned by the folks behind Louie's Ham and Corned Beef on Mack near Eastern Market, serves food in addition to craft beer, wine in a special walk-in cooler, and cocktails.

It's classic American cuisine (yes, there are burgers) but Core Detroit said that it's all done very well, and Hell Yeah Detroit is already pushing for brunch.

So far the decor is what's really setting Louie's apart, and HYD took some shots that highlight exactly what everyone's so excited about. Think wood, quartz, and leather, but done right. Note that hours currently vary due to the soft opening, and be aware that the menu is likely to change when they're operating at full capacity.
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Downtown Louie's Lounge

30 Clifford Street, Detroit MI