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Friday Fish Fry; Boozing It Up On Belle Isle; Chez Chloé Wins Big

Photo Chick's Bar Yelp

DETROIT—Looking for a fish fry this Friday? Whether it's for religious reasons, delicious reasons, or both, this roundup from the good people over at Core Detroit features some great places to get some fried and flaky goodness with a side of more fried fries. [Core Detroit]

BELLE ISLE— Those looking for a boozy park party will be disappointed to learn that riverboat keggers are on the list of events police will not be tolerating since Belle Isle is now a State Park. Apparently special permits can be obtained though, and Ron Olson, Chief of Parks and Rec, says that people drinking wine with their picnic like it's France (Belle Isle is a French name after all) will probably get away with it. [Deadline Detroit]

FERNDALEThe Ferndale Rotary Club has awarded Chloé Sabatier of Chez Chloé Lava Cakes the "People's Choice" award and Judge's Silver Medallion at their Winter Warm Up event. Congratulations are in order, and that means eating a celebratory lava cake or ten. [Facebook]