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Final Chance To Nominate For Eater Young Guns

Now that everyone's clear on what exactly Eater Young Guns really is, take a few minutes to nominate a young local industry professional, because these chefs, restaurateurs, and bartenders are the movers and shakers of Detroit and Metro Detroit, and without them a night out starts and ends at another generic chain restaurant.

The nomination process closes at midnight tonight (Wednesday, March 5th) so take five minutes to nominate someone (or several someones) and help a young industry professional to get on the national map, and help Detroit earn some culinary recognition at the same time.

The criteria are simple. Nominees must be under 30 years of age (or have worked in their chosen field for less than five years) and must be currently employed in the hospitality industry in the United States or Canada. Though you most likely haven't yet heard their names, they must show extraordinary promise. These kids are the future, those that will soon lead the business but have yet to receive critical attention.

To identify them, we've opened the nomination process up to the public. Know an amazing young sommelier, an empire builder in the making, a burgeoning chef's chef? We want to hear about them. We're asking for your nominations right here. Remember, the nomination window closes at midnight tonight.
· Eater Young Guns Nomination Form [-ED-]