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Not All Created Equal: Multi-Chef Pop Ups In Detroit

Photo The Townsend Hotel Yelp

Over at Crain's Detroit Nathan Skid writes about the recent James Beard Foundation Celebrity Chef Tour at The Townsend Hotel, featuring local talents David Gilbert (Marais), Andrew Alcid and Drew Sayes (Rugby Grille) Don Yamauchi and Patricia Nash (MotorCity Casino Hotel) and Jimmy Schmidt (Morgan's in the Desert in Palm Desert, California). He compares the dinner to the second Young Guns Dinner, and notes that while both have so much to offer, the young chefs aren't quite on the same level as the somewhat older and typically much more experienced chefs at the JBF dinner. And why would they be? It's called the "Young Guns Dinner" for a reason, they are culinary up-and-comers who are cutting their teeth in their fledgling restaurants or just settling into more established spots on the who's who list of Metro Detroit's culinary talents.

But the real appeal of these kinds of events, according to Skid, is the experience of sitting down to eat at a table full of strangers and leaving with new friends (or at least new acquaintances).
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