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What to Eat at Comerica Park: Home of the Detroit Tigers

Comerica Park.
Comerica Park.
Photo: Yelp

Opening Day
is finally here, and it looks like Spring came with it, so what better time to update the Comerica Park Dining Guide? The food is getting a huge upgrade this season with fancier hot dogs, better Mexican options, more suite menu choices, and some decent beer. The local restaurants are still just not there, but baby steps are better than no steps, and poutine hot dogs and street tacos are definitely a move in the right direction.

Comerica Park's 5 Most Exciting New Additions

1) The New Amsterdam 416: The new drinking, seating, and viewing area hopes to add some atmosphere (and 426 new seats) to the park. The bar has stadium seats, tables, and even a 45 foot fire pit, and hopefully some decent beer, though the jury is still out on that one. All fans have access to the space, though certain areas and tables are reserved or restricted. [Pepsi Porch]

2) Tigers Food Court Hot Dogs: The poutine hot dog, in all its gravy and cheese curd french-fry goodness has arrived. It also brought some friends, the slaw dog, the pork & beans dog, and the late night dog (with fried egg, bacon, and cheese). Move over "Chicago dog", there are way better options in town. [Big Cat Court]

3) Taco Cart: It's long been one of the park's best bets for decent food, but the cart is upping the ante with "street tacos" this season. They're featuring "corn or flour tortillas with slow roasted chicken, pork or beef barbacoa topped with pico de gallo, cheddar and cotija cheeses, garnished with onion, cilantro, lime and taco chili sauce." [Section 135]

4) Tigers Food Court Mexican: The menu is getting a boost here too, with new burrito bowls; a fried tortilla shell with rice, beans, lettuce, corn, cheese, and pico de gallo, either as is (vegetarian) or with chicken or beef. [Big Cat Court]

5) Comerica Suites: The menus are revamped quite a bit for the new season, including things like Polish sausage, tamales, and fajitas, but the real draw here is the lobster mac & cheese. Yes, lobster mac & cheese.

All Other Dining Options

*Indicates Eater Detroit recommendations

*Michigans Craft Beers: Bacon on a stick, wings, burgers, sliders, hand cut fries, onion rings, chicken tenders and the like are all on offer here. Most importantly, so are several draft Michigan craft beers. [Section 104]

Big League Grill: Don't let the "grill" name suggest otherwise, there isn't much in the way of real meat, but they do serve hot dogs, nachos, ice cream, drinks, and the all important peanuts and cracker jacks, and they're everywhere in the park. [Sections 108, 130, 149, 151, 143, 213, 325, 343, 331, 339, 327]

Tiger Club Bar/Dining: Limited access. They have fancier drinks and an "upscale" buffet, but the access is restricted so it's not a viable option for most fans.

Leo's Coney Island: Standard coney fare. [Section 115]

Little Caesars: Cheese, meat, pepperoni, and veggies, this is all pizza all the time. [Sections 115, 137, 217, 334, 323, and in the Big Cat Court]

CLE Cigar Bar: Limited access. A fancy buffet, extensive beer and wine lists, and even fruit smoothies on command. [Near section 115]

Daiquiris: The place for frozen sugary boozy goodness, and also "Tiger Fuel". [Sections 119, 141, 330]

*313 Burger Co.: Home of The Late Night and The Nacho Burger. [Big Cat Court]

*Hudsonville Ice Cream: They have hand dipped ice cream cones, not just those pre-packaged bars, and slushies too. [Big Cat Court]

Sidekicks: More fried food, including corn dogs, chili cheese fries, and chicken tenders. [Big Cat Court]

Dippin' Dots: Get those weird frozen ice cream pellets here. [Sections 129, 151, 148, 213, 334]

*FS Detroit Brushfire Grill: This is a better option for vegetarians, since they have black bean burgers, veggie dogs, and even a hummus plate, but they have plenty for the meat eaters too, like turkey legs, pulled pork, and beef brisket. And they even serve margaritas. [Section 131]

Tiger Den: Limited access. Burgers, chili, "garden salads", Philly cheese steak, and sandwich wraps, with smoothies and iced coffee too. [Section 131]

*Beer Hall: It's not exactly a craft beer wonderland, but they have way better options than the standard fare on offer throughout most of the park, so it's worth checking out for Heineken, Oberon, Guinness and the like, and they usually have a few Atwater beers too. [Section 131]

Hot Fries: Fries in a cup, chicken tenders, corn dogs, and chili fries. [Sections 143, 150, 336]

Pre and Post Game Food And Drink

There is plenty within walking distance, including The Elwood Bar & Grill, Cheli's Chili, Cliff Bell's (a classier option), Mo Better Blues, The Park Bar/Bucharest Grill, Rub BBQ Pub, The Dirty Trick, and so many more are just a shuttle bus away (Nemo's, Bookies, The Old Shillelagh...)
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Mo Better Blues

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Cliff Bell's

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