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Where To Drink On Paczki Day; Where Else To Buy Paczki

Supreme Bakery Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

em>DETROIT—Because there's always room for another paczki map, check out this Core Detroit roundup, which lists some of the best places to find the Polish pastries outside of Hamtramck but inside of the city limits. [Core Detroit]

HAMTRAMCK— It's also a good idea to have a whole list of Paczki Day bars at the ready, so Detroit Unspun has a list of some favorite spots, and ALL Hamtramck bars just in case the few they list don't cut it. [Detroit Unspun]

HAMTRAMCKPure Detroit has a Pure Paczki Guide out for the big day, featuring not just where to buy pastries, but where to drink around Hamtramck and find some other classic Polish food all day long. [Pure Detroit]