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Batch Brewing Bids Michigan Avenue Goodbye

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1400 Porter Street.
1400 Porter Street.
Photo: Detroit YES!

Batch Brewing Company has been working to restore their Michigan Avenue building for months and months, but they have announced this morning via Facebook that they are changing plans completely and moving to a new location on Porter Street instead.

"We're excited to announce Batch Brewing Company as found a great new home in Corktown! We're moving to 1400 Porter Street (how fitting, right?)."

But this is not a quick move, as they have to renovate the new space, which looks a little rough if these pictures are any indication:

"Now begins the work of buildout, licensing, and getting our doors open as quickly as possible."

There's no word yet on what is going to happen to the Michigan Avenue space, and it's not clear why they decided to abandon the original location:

"Thanks to all of you for your support and patience. We wish our previous business partner Anthony all the luck as he continues to develop his amazing historic property on Michigan Ave."

Eager to make this project happen a little quicker? They're looking for help:

"We'll certainly be reaching out for volunteers that want to come swing a hammer!"

Does the building on Porter Street look familiar? It was once supposed to be a cabaret, an idea that was shot down by locals in 2012, and it's been empty ever since. The dancing aspect of the cabaret was a concern, but looks like boozing and brewing will be just fine. Go figure.
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