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Prospects for a Vacant Hospital and a New Apartment Building Downtown

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

LASALLE GARDENS— We're inside the vacant Herman Kiefer Health Complex, built over century ago to combat outbreaks of disease in Detroit. Now facing redevelopment or demolition, the complex is pretty on the outside and creepy on the inside. Take a look for yourself.
DOWNTOWN— After decades of abandonment, the David Whitney Building is in the midst of a total renovation as apartments and an Aloft Hotel. Check out what the hotel rooms could look like once guests begin checking in later this year.
HAMTRAMCK— One of Hamtown's most unique apartments is again on the rental market. What would you do with 2,500 square feet, a roof deck, and restaurants just a few steps away? Take a peek inside.
DOWNTOWN— An entire block was left vacant by the Statler Hotel demolition in 2005, but a new building has finally been approved to take its place. The deets on downtown's first new residential construction since 1992 are on Curbed.