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Punch Bowl Social May Bring Dining, Drinks, And Bowling To Detroit

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Punch Bowl Social Portland.
Punch Bowl Social Portland.
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Punch Bowl Social is a restaurant and bar with a strong entertainment component including bowling, ping pong, shuffleboard, board games, and vintage 80's video games, and they might be headed for Detroit.

The business is not all fun and games, they're dining too, according to an article in Crain's:

"Punch Bowl is first and foremost a food and beverage establishment that happens to have an entertainment component, [Punch Bowl CEO Robert] Thompson said. It offers made-from-scratch, "elevated" comfort food, artisan punches, craft cocktails mixed with homemade syrups, juice extract and bitters, and craft beer."

With locations in Denver, Portland, and soon Austin, rumor has it they're talking to Dan Gilbert's real estate company Bedrock about opening one in new parking garage The Z, though neither Punch Bowl nor Bedrock will confirm this is the case.

However, one small word convinced Deadline Detroit that they're coming here for real. In their article on the potential new business, they pointed out Thompson's quote about Michigan beer:

"We try to emphasize the local market when we come into a city. The Michigan-area breweries will get first stab at draft lines."

Noting, "See what he did there? Will, not would." It's still not official regardless, but does this sound hokey or like the sort of thing downtown could use? Sound off in the comments.
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