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Tigers Opening Day is Coming: Prep is Underway

Comerica Park.
Comerica Park.
Photo: Yelp

Those gearing up for Tigers' Opening Day are preparing for some serious drinking, eating, wearing of orange and blue, and absolutely no working. downtown and other key places throughout the city are prepping for the big day, come snow or sunshine.

Looking to party? Hell Yeah Detroit has a roundup of some of the best party locations, including downtown bars within walking distance from Comerica Park and places requiring a ride or at least a shuttle. They list features Harry's Detroit, Nemo's, Town Pump Tavern, Park Bar, Bookies, Cheli's Chili Bar, Rub BBQ Pub Detroit
Rub BBQ Pub, Firebird Tavern, The Elwood Bar and Grill
, and The Dirty Trick. They also include an extremely important point: people actually live and work downtown, so please don't throw trash and smash bottles like there's no tomorrow.

Cheli's Chili is one of the top spots for Opening Day, due to their ideal location. Bartender Amanda Palmer answers five Detroit Free Press questions about what to expect on the big day. She goes a little more in depth, but the short answer is, a heck of a party with a ton of booze and food on every floor.

Cheli's Chili. [Photo: Facebook]

Looking for craft beer? This probably isn't the best time for that, judging from the above photo, which Cheli's just posted to their Facebook page, but if drinking mediocre beer is in order, at least it's cheaper there than it is inside of the ball park.
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