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Cafe 1923 Has Live Music; Red Hots Is Overwhelmed By Youtube Views

Cafe 1923.
Cafe 1923.
Photo: Yelp

HAMTRAMCKCafe 1923 Coffeehouse is more than just a quaint place to get coffee, it's also a place to listen to some live music. On Saturdays starting at 3:00 p.m. think fiddles, bluegrass, old country, and even a little pop up front but hopefully outside if the weather ever breaks. [Metro Times]

HIGHLAND PARK—This has been a week of positive press, but Red Hots Coney Island is still shocked that their feature on Channel 7 has more than 1000 views, posting their amazement on Facebook: "Over 1000 views on Youtube!!! WHAT?!?!?" Its awesome to see such a great Detroit business getting an outpouring of love from the community. [Facebook]

Victor Red Hot's Coney Island

12 Victor St, Highland Park, MI 48203 313-868-0766