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Drink And Draw At Woodbridge Pub Tonight; Prepare Early For Cinco De Mayo At Imperial

Photo Woodbridge Pub Yelp

FERNDALEImperial is having another Ooh La Lucha celebration on May 3rd, and while it seems like a ways away tickets are already on sale. Think Mexican-style Lucha Libre wrestling, burlesque, and lots of tequila, then May 4th there's a skateboard auction featuring the work of local tattoo and graffiti artists, and Monday is of course Cinco de Mayo, which means the entire weekend can be spent in one restaurant if planned properly. [-ED-]

MIDTOWN—Sitting around bored with nothing to do on a Tuesday evening? Check out Drink and Draw at Woodbridge Pub, featuring drawing utensils of all sorts, strange words for inspiration, and a little liquid courage. [Core Detroit]