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DTW Seriously Ups Their Food Game

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Travelers rejoice, the okay but not great food options at DTW should be getting better in the next year and a half, as an improved concessions program has finally been approved and many of the vendors announced for changes to be completed by fall 2015, according to The Moodie Report.

Of course the upgrades are for the McNamara terminal only, so the North Terminal will remain a desolate food dessert with scant options (but plenty of disappointing chains).

However, things are looking up for McNamara, which is going local with several of it's new restaurants, including a Bigalora Cucina, which will be serving Chef Luciano's wood fired pizzas in addition to pastas and even craft beer.

The Moodie Report details some of the other new additions, which are both exciting and perplexing. The "Plum Market with Zingerman's Deli" is an interesting one, since grocery shopping and airports don't usually mix well, but it will likely be prepared foods and snacks, and not so much entire boxes of cereal or bags of brown sugar and white rice. Zingerman's is always a good idea, though successfully eating one of their massive sandwiches on the plane sounds like a Food Network challenge.

The Corridor Sausage Company news is thrilling to anyone who's tried something from their Grindhouse food truck at Eastern Market, and the other listed places (Grobbel's Gourmet Deli, Crave Robata Grill and Bar, Papa Joe's Gourmet Market, Mezza Mediterranean Grille, and Palazzolo's Artisan Gelato and Sorbetto) could be very promising as well.

The most confusing addition as it's been described so far is the "gate holdroom dining experience themed on Detroit's historic Eastern Market." Whether this is meant to be evoke shopping at a farmers' market or just providing tastes of Eastern Market area cuisine, it seems like what they're really trying to say is "food court", which will likely have nothing to do with the local produce and prepared foods from Detroit's amazing market.

Some national chains will also be setting up shop, including P.F. Chang's, Chik-Fil-A, and Pinkberry among others. Oh, and Crain's reports that all of these restaurants are also supposed to bring in an awful lot of money too. The first new places should be arriving soon, so start planning travel accordingly.
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