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Pizza Week 2014 Recap: Interviews, A Map, Beer, Pictures, & So Much More

Buddy's Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

Eater Detroit's Pizza Week 2014 featured more than 20 local pizzerias as we covered Detroit style deep dish, thin crust, non-traditional, calzones, gluten free, and more in articles throughout the week, even some Michigan chains got a mention. This is the official recap of who was interviewed, what was mapped, which pictures were featured, and all the other delicious details.

The week started with a map of Detroit/Metro Detroit's Iconic Pizzerias, featuring all kinds of pie in the city and the suburbs with every imaginable ingredient and type of crust. These places are old classics and new favorites, but all of them help make up the pizza fabric of the city.

There is of course nothing like the original Buddy's Pizza, and they were the subject of the photos for the Pizza Week Eater Scenes, where photographers Michelle and Chris Gerard shared a look at the hustle and bustle inside its storied walls.

The Delivery Horror Story featured an outrageous Yelp review of Happy's Pizza (specifically their New Center location) which is long, well written, and worth a read.

Dave Mancini, the man behind Detroit's other favorite pizza, Supino Pizzeria in Eastern Market, spoke with Eater about his very first pizza, his preferred Detroit pies, and his soon-to-open Italian restaurant La Rondinella.

There was of course a vote for Detroit's best deep dish pizza, and 123 of you voted, declaring Buddy's the hands down winner with 66.7% of the vote. However, Loui's Pizza in Hazel Park came in a respectable second place with 16.3% of the vote, suggesting that the ambiance of old Chianti bottles might add some tasty charm to the pies themselves.

Eater Detroit contributor and beer enthusiast Courtney Ochab took some of the iconic pizzas from the original Buddy's and Eastern Market's Supino Pizzeria over to Atwater Brewery where she tasked herself with finding the perfect craft beer and pizza pairings.

Thursday saw the Calzone Power Hour start and end, including where to get one, a hypothesis on why Detroiters don't like them, and a poll about your calzone feelings. A whopping 65.2% of responders acknowledged that they're inferior to pizza, which surprised no one.

Chef Luciano DelSignore of Bigalora Wood Fired Cucina (formerly Pizzeria Biga) was the Lifer interview of Pizza Week, sharing his early memories of making pizzas as a child in his father's kitchen, and explaining why he loves a thin crust and prefers a Michigan craft beer over red wine.

Classics are all new at some point, so Renee's Gourmet Pizza was featured as a much needed and already beloved option for those with Celiac Disease and nut allergies. And while it's not-yet-open, The Detroit Pizza Company in Midtown is hoping for a spring opening.

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Supino Pizzeria

2457 Russell Street, , MI 48207 (313) 567-7879 Visit Website

Atwater Brewery

237 Jos Campau, , MI 48207 (313) 877-9205 Visit Website

Buddy's Pizza

17125 Conant Street, , MI 48212 (313) 892-9001 Visit Website