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Why Aren't Calzones Big In Detroit?

Photo Loui's Pizza Hazel Park Yelp

So why don't Detroiters love calzones the way that the folks in other cities do? After all, deep dish, thin crust, non-traditional, and pizza chain pizzas all thrive in Detroit and the Metro, which suggests there should be love for the calzone, pizza's pocket cousin. However, that's typically not the case, and the reason for this might just be the traditional Detroit style deep dish pizza.

The logic behind this claim comes from the simple fact that none of the classic Detroit Style Pizza restaurants (Buddy's, Loui's, Cloverleaf, Niki's, and Shield's) appear to currently feature a calzone on the menu. That's probably because a deep dish Detroit pizza has all the dough, cheese, sauce, and toppings one gets in a calzone, but with crispy cheese edges which are something a calzone can never offer. Have an alternate explanation? Leave it in the comments!