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The Detroit Pizza Company Aims For Spring Opening

Photo Eater Detroit

The Detroit Pizza Company and Nom Nom's Cupcake Factory, which are taking over the old Good Girls Go To Paris Crepes location, are hoping for a spring opening, which means coney pizza is arriving in Midtown very soon.

The space will be an open floor plan, but each shop will have a separate entrance, so that the spaces can run independently. Both are owned by LA Weir Inc., a mother daughter operation that includes two other Nom Nom's and a karaoke bar. This is their first foray into pizza, and they're taking their time to do it the right way, which means that the cupcake shop will likely open first, and the pizza parlor will follow in later spring or early summer.

They are still creating the Detroit Pizza menu and design, but they are hoping for a "trendy and bright" interior, to coordinate with the cupcake shop, which will be a fantastical combination of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland when it comes to decor.

The Detroit Pizza Company will sell both whole pies and slices to go, and they're hoping to bring the ingenuity of their cupcake flavors (think Irish car bomb or Mountain Dew) to their pizzas, which will use an air fryer to cut down on fat. They are hoping to sell both beer and wine with their pizzas, and space permitting they will include some counter seats.
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