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REMINDER Pizza Week Is Coming: Share Your Delivery Horror Stories

We're still looking for your crazy pizza stories, we know you have them, so share the wealth with Eater Detroit's readers.

Monday the 17th brings the start of Pizza Week on Eater Detroit, and we'll be sharing pizza maps, pizza chef interviews, pizza pictures, and so much more. How can you help? Share your pizza delivery horror stories.

Had a pizza delivery experience from Hell? See a pizza delivery car in a high-speed chase? Or did the pizza equivalent of The Cable Guy show up at your apartment? We're also seeking stories from pizza delivery guys and gals past and present, so whether it was the weirdest drop off ever or pizza stolen straight from the car, we want to hear it all.

Just have a weird pizza story? We're looking for those too.

Leave your story in the comments or email it to the tipline (anonymity is A-OK). Tell us before Friday and we'll share it on the site next week.
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