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Fake "Detroit" Vodka; A Mad Men Cocktail Hour

Two James Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— Beware Our/Detroit vodka, coming soon to shelves all around the Metro under the guise of being "locally produced". They're making Our/"City" vodka all over the place, and the "they" is Pernod Ricard a huge French distillery group that owns Absolut, Seagram, and Jameson. Deadline Detroit has the inside story on why buying local means Valentine and Two James (and soon Detroit City Distillery) and NOT "Our/Detroit". [Deadline Detroit]

DETROIT—What's going on in the city on this wonderful spring-like weekend? Why, lots of things according to Detroit Moxie's Weekend Roundup, including a Mad Men inspired cocktail event at the DSO, a host of St. Patrick's Day festivities, (some fun for the whole family, some fun for adults only) and something called "brain day" which actually involves holding a human brain apparently. [Detroit Moxie]