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Resto Change O! Gets A Magical Review

Photo Resto Change O! Facebook

Chef Ollie Honderd's pop up Resto Change O! is referred to as "exciting and dynamic" and Honderd himself is called a "magician" in a review from the folks at Core Detroit. They mention his successful Revolver dinners (he did the very first one) and praise his "concept blending a fusion of soul food and Asian recipes" and "farm-to-table manifesto" which combine to form a unique and delicious experience. Their next event is a Takeover Tuesday at St. Cece's on March 18th, which will likely sell out fast as these things tend to do, though they'll also do dinner to go which might be a good way to enjoy the food without the usual Takeover Tuesday fight for a table/service/last dish of X before it's gone.
Resto Change O!: A Farm-To-Table Fusion Popup, Lead By A Culinary Magician
[Core Detroit]
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