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Remembering Detroit Chef And Activist Eric Giles; News From Campus Martius

Photo Sunday Dinner Company Facebook

DETROIT—Chef and social activist Eric S.C. Giles passed away unexpectedly at the age of 49 last Friday. He was the Executive Chef and Owner of The Sunday Dinner Company Catering & Personal Chef Services, and he was well known for his support of young people in the city, providing jobs and training through his restaurant the Sunday Dinner Company and his other ventures. A memorial service will be held this Saturday at Historic East Lake Church of Detroit. [Freep/Facebook]

CAMPUS MARTIUSFountain Bistro is hard at work this winter prepping for spring and summer. In a recent Facebook post they announced that work on a brand new "all season patio" has started. No word yet on when it will be ready for guests. [Facebook]

CAMPUS MARTIUSWinter Blast starts today, and they have a 200 foot slide, warming tents, local food, beer, ice sculptures, and tons of performances. Yes it's cold but get out of the house already and try and enjoy winter-it's definitely not going anywhere soon. [Freep]

Fountain Bistro

800 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48226 313-237-7778