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Owner Says The Bottom Line Closed Temporarily, But Definitely Not Permanently

Photo The Bottom Line Facebook

After a Facebook post about being closed "due to cold", and then a note apparently from the baristas about heat, it seemed that the problems facing The Bottom Line Coffee House were fairly simple: no heat, no coffee house, until it warms up or the heat is fixed. However, a very long post from owner Al Harris posted today suggests that the situation is actually far more complicated.

He writes:

"We've been trying to improve our service and product choices to better service "Midtown"... The weather and some fiscal issues have caused us to readjust our focus. We Are Not Closing!!!!!! To try to explain the causes of our problems is not important, but to serve our loyal TBL'ers is our ONLY concern."

He insists that despite their issues, they will re-open and be better than ever:

"Some people would say that being Honest about our situation is bad business, but I {Al Harris) believe in telling the truth. Our crew has been great in dealing with a difficult situation and only wanting to improve our service to Our Neighborhood. Things are hard for us now, but "We Are Detroiters!!! ", we never give up or give in...Big things are coming to our area, and we plan on being a Major participant in its re-birth."

As for their winter woes, heat doesn't seem to be the problem:

"Currently, there is a safety issue, ice builds up around our door and steps, that I don't feel is in our interest to be open now. Heating is OK, but ice is Not.."

He also addresses what were apparently concerns over the quality of the beverages, food, and service:

"Coffee, bake goods, sandwiches, and etc will return with a New Focus on consistence service and product delivery."

He did not mention when the business will reopen, but with a little luck (and a break from the weather) they will hopefully be opening the doors again soon.
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