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The Bottom Line Closes Due To Winter Woes

Photo The Bottom Line Facebook

Third street's The Bottom Line Coffee House is a Detroit winter casualty, as the extreme temperatures etc. have forced them to close until further notice. As recently as January 25th they were inviting patrons via their official Facebook page to "come hang out" but that cheerful message changed when they were forced to shut down; "Closed until further notice due to the cold" was the only explanation, though a message supposedly from the baristas gives more insight into the real problem.

Apparently they don't have heat, which would be a pretty good reason to close in this weather. Someone posted as the official page "FIX OUR HEAT! WE MISS YOU - the baristas". Is it a plea to the owners of the building? Or to the customers? Who is supposed to fix the heat and who do they miss? It's all unclear, but hopefully they'll sort this all out soon.
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