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The Great Lakes Museum; Dashed Development Dreams

Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

BELLE ISLE— The Dossin Great Lakes Museum finished up renovations in 2013, and what used to be Belle Isle's dusty field trip destination has morphed into something entirely different. Take a cruise in an old freighter at Curbed.

TECHTOWN Midtown Detroit Inc can't stand the neighborhood's dark, crumbly viaducts, so they're asking teams to redesign them into "choice destinations." The carrot: $75K per viaduct to implement the winning idea.

MIDTOWN/DOWNTOWN Two of Detroit's darling development projects just hit the jackpot in Lansing, scoring grants worth millions to aid in renovation. Check out the two historic hotels at Curbed, as both will be rentable apartments in the future.
ALL OVER— Detroit loves biting off more than it can chew, development-wise. In fact, the city has a history of getting things halfway done before calling it a day. See ten Detroit projects from decades past that never quite made it to the finish line.