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Paczki Mania Starts This Monday

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It's delicious, round, sugar covered and filled, traditionally made with lard, and anything but "low carb": Paczki Day 2014 is coming, and it's coming to Eater Detroit in a big way. Think Paczki maps, Paczki taste tests, Paczki history, Paczki pictures, and so much more.

Paczki Day comes once a year, but Paczki Mania lasts all year 'round. Have a favorite bakery in the City or the 'burbs? Tell us in the comments and we'll try to check it out. Have a favorite Hamtramck bar for the festivities? We want to know that too. Send us Paczki pictures of the lines or your favorite Paczki bakery at, share your Paczki memories here in the comments, and give us wait-time updates on Twitter @EaterDetroit, #PaczkiMania. We're ready, and we know that you are too.