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Paczki Day 2014 Is Coming, Drinking Is Mandatory

Paczki Day 2014 is coming, which means the first annual Eater Detroit Paczki Week is coming in just a few short days, so get in the mood with this article from The Metro Times about the copious amount of pastry eating and Polish beer drinking that takes place in Hamtramck.

It includes a useful pronunciation guide, list of Hamtramck bars to frequent, and a totally misleading history behind the holiday. More on this next week, but Paczki Day is not "sort of a silly celebration that was created just to sell more jelly donuts" because a) anyone with Polish relatives know that this holiday was actually created in Poland to use up all of the sugar, fruit preserves, and lard (yes, lard) before Lent so temptation was removed during that austere season, and b) Paczki are NOT jelly donuts. They are oh so much more, and while the local grocery might get by with that kind of excuse for a pastry, everyone else knows better. Get ready!
[Photo New Palace Bakery Facebook]
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