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Sugar House Educates On Bourbon; Paczki Day Is Coming, Get Ready This Weekend

Photo Sugar House Yelp

em>HAMTRAMCK— Paczki Day (or let's be real, week) is coming, and to herald its glorious arrival sign up for this weekend's 5k in Hamtramck. Don't worry though, this isn't one of those "run off the pounds" kind of things, this is the 2nd Annual Paczki Run, where every runner receives a beer and a paczki for their effort. It takes place this Saturday, March 1st. [Hell Yeah Detroit]

CORKTOWN— Bourbon lovers should be pleased to hear that Sugar House is doing a complimentary bourbon seminar, with free food, a free cocktail, and tastings included. Bad news is, it already sold out (in less than 30 minutes). Still sounds cool though... [Facebook]

WHITE LAKE—Looks like The Root is changing up their menu on the heels of another wildly successful Young Guns dinner (Chef James Rigato is killing it with these dinners), they'll be adding some things, taking some things away, and rotating other things, because spring WILL come eventually and also, why not? [Facebook]

The Sugar House

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