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City Kitchen Celebrates 8 Years; The Lark Celebrates 75,000 Racks Of Lamb

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Grosse Pointe's City Kitchen gets a review from Molly Abraham at The Detroit News as they celebrate a new expansion and their 8th anniversary. She's a fan of the new bar menu, and of the simply prepared seafood. Her overall opinion? ""Dependable" is a word that describes the fare here. You will get a properly prepared dish served by a friendly, well-trained staff. And that's not faint praise." She rates them three stars out of four.

Over at The Metro Times writer Aaron Egan covers C.A.Y.A. Smokehouse Grill in Walled Lake. He loves the menu, appreciating the variety of smoked meats and even squash (!), and noting that the dishes are approachable and inviting, making smart use of more technical skills without letting them overpower. He insists that dessert is a must, and makes special mention of their use of hyper-local ingredients. In summary, "CAYA welcomes you in, and feeds you good food — because what else should we do for one another, but be welcoming and generous? ".

Legendary restaurant The Lark is featured in Sylvia Rector's "Great Plates" this week as she reviews the Rack of Lamb Ghengis Khan, which was just served for the 75,000th time. She notes that "Its Asian fusion flavors — derived from curry, cayenne and hoisin sauce, among other ingredients — were quite sophisticated when chef Heinz Menguser put the dish on the Lark's opening menu in March 1981." and the dish has held its spot as beloved signature dish without cease since that date more than 30 years ago.

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