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220 Mystery Solved, Denise Illitch Officially Has The Keys

220 Keys, Photo via Facebook

It seems that the confusion is clearing up, as Denise Illitch is officially the new owner of 220 Restaurant in Birmingham, thanks to a tipster pointing out a Facebook photo Illitch posted of the 220 keys with the caption "Ownership has officially transferred!" last week.

An Observer & Eccentric article notes that she will keep the name, current menu, and current staff. This makes it likely that the sign on the door saying "We are closed. Thank you for allowing us to serve you over the last 20 years." was actually a goodbye from previous owner Judi Roberts, who operated the restaurant for those 20 years, not a sign that the restaurant was permanently closing.

Illitch is planning on changing some things though, including revamping the space. The Observer article notes that the first change would be adding a brunch menu, but that more extensive renovations wouldn't come until later:

"Down the road, they plan to renovate and upgrade parts of the interior. For the most part, however, they plan to keep the building intact."

However, from their phone message, which states they are closed for renovations but will reopen later this spring, it appears that those renovations are taking place sooner rather than later, indicating that Illitch is eager to make her mark on the Birmingham restaurant before reopening under her ownership.
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220 Restaurant

220 E Merrill St, Birmingham, MI 48009 248 645 2150