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Radiohead Pop Up Earns National Attention

Photo Elizabeth Theater Official Site

Chef Kyle Hanley's Elizabeth Theater pop up dinner"A Night With Kid A", pairing a course with each of the ten tracks on the Radiohead "Kid A" album, has started to garner national attention. The dinner was featured most recently in an online article in Rolling Stone, proving that this is maybe kind of a big deal?

The Huffington Post also wrote about the dinner, extensively, sharing Chef Hanley's musings on art and food:

"Hanley said he studied music before becoming a chef. When he listens to it, he hears 'textures and colors,' which makes it natural for him to associate it with food. 'Especially Radiohead, they are very textural. They are a very visceral band,' he told HuffPost."

This is no lighthearted affair and talking will likely be discouraged as the album will play uninterrupted (eat quickly) and the experience is being viewed as a performance:

"Hanley said he's telling servers to think of themselves as stagehands at a performance so they don't distract from the listening experience."

There is some larger national and local context, as the Huff Po article also gives a shout out to Detroit chef Nick George (AKA Dr. Sushi) and his recurring pop ups "The Effects of Noise on Brunch", and they note that Chef Hanley is considering turning his Radiohead dinner into a recurring event as well, focusing on different albums and pairings each time.

Love them or hate them, Detroit pop ups are getting attention on a national and even international level (Guns + Butter's Dubai pop up dinners were sponsored by Rolling Stone Middle East), and even the haters should admit that it's nice to see the city get attention for something positive. Tickets for A Night With Kid A are $125, but it's not clear if they are sold out or are still available.
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