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Tuktuk-Tuktuk Thai Food Truck Debuts At Campus Martius; A Radiohead Pop Up Dinner

Photo Tuktuk-Tuktuk Facebook

DETROIT— The weekend roundup is posted, featuring The Dirty Show, a showing of Casablanca, Oscar Nominated Short Films at the DIA, and a storytelling festival. [Detroit Moxie]

DOWNTOWN— Love Radiohead and expensive pop-up dinners? Chef Kyle Hanley's dinner above Bucharest Grill on February 19th, with drinks chosen to go with the music, not the food (yes, really) by Joseph Allerton of Roast is the perfect event. [Freep]

DETROITDeadline Detroit's weekend event list includes trying out Topsoil in the MOCAD and ice skating in Campus Martius/ trying out brand new Thai Food Truck Tuktuk-Tuktuk. Spices + exercise might actually drive the cold away, if only for a moment. [Deadline Detroit]