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Downriver Man Hosts Funeral In Bar; Ball Park Franks Born In Detroit

Supino Photography by Chris and Michelle Gerard

DETROIT— The "Ball Park" Frank is totally a Detroit thing, invented when the owners of Tiger Stadium expressed dissatisfaction with their current product in 1958. Hygrade Food Corp. had the secret recipe that was named by one of their workers. What did she get out of it besides the satisfaction? $25 and a leather chair. No joke. [Michigan Radio]

TAYLORThe All Around bar downriver is hosting an unusual party this weekend-a funeral, complete with a showing. Local Jimmy Lehr was a regular and was even married at the bar, and he reportedly wanted his corpse to be displayed in the DJ booth. However, since the booth is no longer there he is displayed in a homemade casket near the stage. [Deadline Detroit]

DETROIT—This weekend is full of events, including theater performances, Cupid's Undie Run, The Dirty Show, and more. The Free Press has a list of their top five. [Freep]