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What's Going On With 220 Restaurant In Birmingham?

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Rumors about 220 Restaurant on Merrill Street in Birmingham have been flying around for a few weeks now, and while it's hard to confirm anything, it seems that at the very least the restaurant is temporarily closed. Deadline Detroit reported a month ago that Denise Illitch was trying to buy the restaurant, and while nobody would say whether or not the deal was done, the liquor license was supposedly in transition. Though there was no mention of the extent of changes, if any, to the restaurant were it to change hands.

Things became a little more confusing when a sign was recently posted on the restaurant's door reading "We are closed. Thank you for allowing us to serve you over the last 20 years" which many took to mean that the restaurant had closed their doors for good, according to comments on personal social media pages. The restaurant has been a fixture, and its supposed closing was met with surprise from some.

However, they may not be closed after all. The restaurant's answering machine cheerfully states that 220 is simply closed for renovations and will be reopening late spring 2014, so they may be staying put (though still likely changing hands) after all. Requests for comment were not immediately returned, but updates will certainly be forthcoming.
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220 Restaurant

220 E Merrill St, Birmingham, MI 48009 248 645 2150