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Walk Through Detroit's Drinking And Dining History; Guns + Butter Is Still Outrageously Popular

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Photo Detroit Historical Museum Yelp

DETROIT—Chef Craig Lieckfelt's charity Guns + Butter dinner to support The Heidelberg Project was a huge success. There were 60 tickets sold for $100 each, and the demand was so high that they received over 1,000 requests for reservations in just a few days. Channel 4 has pictures from the event, so take a look and feel jealous. [Channel 4]

MIDTOWNThe Detroit Historical Museum has a brand new exhibition for this year, called "Out on the Town: Drinking and Dining in Detroit Since 1920" and featuring vignettes of some of the city's great gems (both past and present). Think Cliff Bell's, London Chop House, Baker's Keyboard Lounge, The Roostertail, and The Playboy Club among others. Walk through history and then go grab a drink at one or more of the places from the exhibition. [Detroit Historical]

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