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Vegetarian GreenSpace Café Sprouts Up on Vacant Turf Left by Maria’s Front Room

GreenSpace Cafe has sprouted on Maria's prime Nine Mile turf.

GreenSpace Cafe.
GreenSpace Cafe.
Brenna Houck
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

The boarded-off Maria's Front Room has been vacant less than a month and a new café has already sprouted on its prime Nine Mile turf. GreenSpace Café will open its doors March 1 (if all goes well) with an all plant-based menu, adding to list of vegetarian options in Ferndale. News of the café, owned by Daniel Kahn and "America's Holistic Heart Doc," Joel Kahn, was teased briefly by community news hub Oakland County 115 earlier this month.

The company's first posted last Saturday encouraging people to follow along with more posts on the restaurant's progress. Meanwhile workers can be heard hammering behind the plywood wall.

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Maria's Front Room

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