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Detroit BBQ Company Owner In Hot Water Over Social Media Comments

Detroit BBQ Company's Tim Idzikowski receives a flood of negative reviews and threats after a social media post regarding the killing of two New York City cops on Saturday.

Detroit BBQ Company.
Detroit BBQ Company.
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Detroit BBQ Company's Tim Idzikowki is in hot water again after a remark regarding the killing of two New York cops on Saturday. The debacle began with a post by Idzikowski seen below. An individual responded to his post, a screen shot was taken, and thus a social media storm began.

According to a post by Idzikowski on his Facebook page, in the aftermath of his original comments a local Detroit cop allegedly viewed the message and then published his phone number to a forum. Since then, the Idzikowski says his phone has been flooded with threatening phone calls. Likewise, over the last 24 hours the Detroit BBQ Company's Facebook page has received over 50 negative reviews.

This morning, the Detroit BBQ Company owner took to his Facebook page to address the issue:

"I recently made a post on my personal facebook page regarding the execution of two NYPD officers. To be 100% clear, the senseless murder of two police officers is terrible and not something I would ever condone."

Idzikowski is no stranger to social media feuds. Last summer, he attacked RE BBQ on Facebook for allegedly stealing a photo of his barbecue.

Update: The Detroit BBQ Company's Facebook page has mysteriously disappeared.

Update: The Detroit Police Officers Association union is considering calling for a boycott of the Detroit BBQ Company. [The Detroit News]

Update: Kuhnhenn Brewing Company, which regularly hosts the Detroit BBQ Company, released this statement on Facebook:

"Dear fans and supporters. Detroit BBQ Company will not be providing food here onsite at the brewery for the time being. Please remember that we are businesses independent of one another. Beyond that, we have no official statement at this time. Thank you for your understanding."

Update: Metro Times blogger Michael Jackman offers his analysis on today's Detroit BBQ debacle.

Update: Tim Idzikowski responded to public reactions with a tearful apology tonight on Channel 7.

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