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Batch Brewing Owner Reflects on the Road to Opening Day in New Mashable Video

Batch Brewing will open by mid-January in Corktown.

Batch Brewing.
Batch Brewing.

In case you missed it, Batch Brewing owner Stephen Roginson has been starring in a video series on Mashable for the last few months. The final episode, released this week, focuses on the company's final weeks before opening. While Roginson says in the video that he expects to "open before the calendar flips," however the brewer tells Eater today that the company won't open until mid-January.

"There are days when I'm so pumped and there are days I literally broke down crying," Roginson confides in the mini documentary, as he reflects on the journey to opening day. He also offers some advice to other would-be business owners: "When they say get twice as much money as you expect you need, they mean it."

The film takes viewers on a brief walkthrough of the nano brewery, which is still a work in progress, though beer has finally made it to the fermentation tanks. "The beer that we're producing is so drinkable," he says.

Batch Brewing is located at 1400 Porter in Corktown. Stay tuned for more details on this new business and in the meantime learn more about some of the other breweries coming to Metro Detroit.

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