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A Selden Standard Review; Haitian Charity Dinners; and Distilling.

Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling talks Michigan craft spirits.

Selden Standard.
Selden Standard.
Michelle and Chris Gerard
Brenna Houck is a Cities Manager for the Eater network. She previously edited Eater Detroit and reported for Eater. You can follow her on the internet at @brennahouck.

Pop-ups—Eating is always better when it's for a good cause. Chefs Christian Noel and Nate Bonkowki of The Cooks Crossing will host a five course N'ap Boule Haitian charity dinner with an optional cocktail pairing this Friday at Yemans Street. A portion of the proceeds will go to support the rebuilding of Haiti.

Spirits—How challenging is it to open a distillery in Michigan? Very challenging, according to Rifino Valentine of Valentine Distilling in Ferndale. While the craft spirit culture appears to be growing in Detroit (Think Detroit City Distillery and Two James), its moving at a snails pace in comparison to beer. "When you look us from an industry-wide perspective, micro-distilling is kind of like where the micro-brewers were 20 or 30 years ago," says Valentine. "The industry is following the same pattern, but we're just at the beginning." [MLive]

Reviews—Sylvia Rector gives Selden Standard, which opened almost a month ago, a standing ovation in a recent review. "From the bronzed, grilled quail with pickled cranberries to the addictive roasted cauliflower with tahini and lemon—And oh, that duck sausage dish!—I simply can't get enough of chef Andy Hollyday's bright, exciting flavors and rustic, seasonal menu at the new Selden Standard in Detroit." While Rector is lukewarm on the flatbread topped with sliced roasted squash, mushroom, and mozzarella, she raves about the "vegetables and such" dishes: "Hollyday casts vegetables as stars in their own right, with memorable results." [Freep]

Valentine Vodka Distilling Co

161 Vester St, Ferndale, MI 48220 (248) 629-9951

Detroit City Distillery

2462 Riopelle Street, , MI 48207 (313) 338-3760 Visit Website

Two James Distillery

2445 Michigan Ave, Detroit, MI 48216

Selden Standard

3921 2nd Avenue, , MI 48201 (313) 438-5055 Visit Website