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What To Order At Campau Tower

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Campau Tower may have some of "the best coney chili you'll find in Detroit."

Campau Tower
Campau Tower
Michelle and Chris Gerard

Media darling, Nikita Sanches can't seem to stay out of the news. The Hamtramck restaurateur's Campau Tower was featured in a Metro Times review this week by Aaron Egan. Filling the void left by the original 24-hour dining spot, Egan notes that Sanches' restaurant may lay claim to "the best coney chili you'll find in Detroit."

Too many people buy a frozen brick and call it a day; it's refreshing and encouraging to see someone making such a basic, central item from scratch. The tomato flavor is rich and well-developed, and the spicing fresh and clean. Get it on fries or your burger too. Seriously.

In addition to the hot dogs, Egan also recommends ordering the tater tots or one of three sandwiches made with a bao bun.

Campau Tower

10337 Joseph Campau Avenue, , MI 48212 (313) 758-9579

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