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Watch An Amazing Time Lapse Video From Founder's; La Feria Conquers The Cold

[Video Founder's Brewing Co.]

FERNDALEFounder's Brewing Co. in Grand Rapids did a huge expansion so that they now have a big fancy tap room. They just released a fascinating time-lapse video of the addition being built from start to finish, and it's pretty amazing. Wish someone would do that with the renovation for one of the cool old Detroit skyscrapers. [Facebook]

MIDTOWN—All of this cold weather has done quite a number on Spanish Tapas restaurant La Feria, who had to close due to weather earlier this week and then a burst pipe meant that they were closed yesterday for lunch and dinner and today for lunch too, (no water will do that apparently) but this story ends happily as they are open for dinner tonight at long last! [Facebook]

La Feria Spanish Tapas

4130 Cass Avenue, Detroit, MI 48201 Visit Website